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Helpful Articles

Not only does Easy Money EMG strive to support our customer’s cash needs but we are committed to educating and supplying the tools and resources to put them in control of their household finances. In an effort to do just that, we are pleased to provide the following articles, tips, videos, and materials to assist consumers in making informed financial decisions.

Below are some helpful articles and videos to help you manage your money.

CFSA Best Practices

CFSA BP Education Video Series: Introduction and No. 13: Display of CFSA Membership Seal

Why Use a Budget?

Learn why it is important to set up a budget for personal finances in this free online video tutorial.

Cash, Credit or Debit?

Learn when to use cash, credit, or debit when budgeting personal finances in this free online video tutorial.

Protecting Yourself from Credit Theft

Learn how to prevent Identity Theft with this instructional video.
Billy Hong (Technical), Leslie Parawan (Presentation), Yilok Wong (Research)