Back to School: Sharing Money-Saving Tips

Sep 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

Back-to-school time is here, and for new college students, that means moving into dorm rooms for the first time. This transition can be expensive, since you’ll need to furnish the room to meet your needs. However, there are steps you can take to keep costs reasonable during this process.

Below are three things you can do to minimize expenses when moving into a dorm room:

  • Budget: When you’re out shopping, it’s easy to be tempted by attractive products, and this can cause you to make purchases you don’t really need. Guard against this by creating a budget and sticking to it. Figure out what your necessities are and make a list. Use this as your guide when deciding what to buy.
  • Choose Multi-Purpose Pieces: Sometimes, a coffee table is just a coffee table, but if said table has storage underneath, it will provide you with more utility and added bang for the buck. Look for furniture serving multiple functions. This will save you money, and it will also allow you to make the most of the limited space available in your dorm room.
  • Hit Garage Sales & Resale Stores: To get the best prices on furniture, shop for used items. Garage sales are an excellent resource and can provide you with many bargains. Local resale stores can also provide a treasure trove of useful items for the thrifty shopper.

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