Spring Forward with Daylight Savings Time

Mar 7, 2015 | Daylight Savings Time

The day we get to either push back our clocks and get an extra hour of sleep, or enjoy more daylight feels like the most exciting time of the year.  Yes, we’re talking about daylight savings time.

While most people aren’t thrilled to lose that sacred hour of sleep, many will be looking forward to the new season’s arrival!

To get out of the winter slump we’ve—well at least the east coast—been experiencing, here are some tips to help you spring forward into spring.

Get active

The chill of winter might linger a bit in the month of March and April, but that shouldn’t prevent you from receiving your daily dosage of vitamin D. Go outside and work out! Take a jog around your neighborhood and get those endorphins up. This is the perfect season to get bikini ready. Get ahead of the game and start now!

Get rest

As they say– early to bed, early to rise! Get to bed early at night. If you need to use black out curtains to block the light from interrupting your sacred REM sleep cycle, do so! You want to be ready when the sun rises in the morning, so you can start your day off right.

Eat healthy

It’s never too late to start eating healthy. After all—your body is your temple right? Warmer weather isn’t the only perk of the spring season. Fruits and veggies like fresh strawberries and spinach are making a comeback in the spring months. So, get out there and get the picking. Smoothies don’t make themselves people!

We might lose an hour of sleep, but we gain so much more. The glass is always half full right? Go out and make the most of spring. Enjoy!